Our customer support specialists are available to provide assistance online via email for all of our customers, and we do our best to respond to every customer request as quickly as possible. Live chat is available for customers in the Basic, Premium and Ultra Plans.

Live chat is not available for customers using the Free Plan.

Each of our support specialists is a highly qualified and super friendly real live human, so you can always be sure that your inquiries will be responded to by a specialist determined to provide you with the quality interaction you expect.

We have a general/team support crew as well as a specialized sports organization support crew available throughout the week. 

Check here for general/team support hours and here for sports organization support hours.

Why no phone support?

If you're wondering why we don't offer phone support, the answer is pretty simple. Providing support through email and chat allows us to provide a great experience for our product, provide helpful screenshots to our customers, and enables us to provide the fastest responses. 

Our online support tools allow us to quickly gather technical information, as well as any needed screenshots and a record of your support history, which saves time and effort for both our customers and our customer support specialists from the get-go. 

It also assists us in linking to and improving the help content we make available to our users. Although we do not offer support via phone, we are always ready and eager to provide the best possible support experience for your email and chat inquiries.