Meet the Support Crew for Sports Organizations

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Managing our world-class customer experience team, April ensures that each agent has everything needed to provide the best possible support for each TeamSnap customer. You'll often find her responding to emails and chats as well, she likes to keep her finger on the pulse of what customers are needing.   



 As our very own literary and artistic maven, Gypsie provides first-class customer support with flair. She's always ready with an understanding spirit and positive attitude to provide the kind of assistance that ensures you are sent on your way with your needs met and your day considerably brighter.



One of the OG customer support members in our crew, Leslie has extensive knowledge in all things TeamSnap and is sure to have a solution for any (TeamSnap) issues you may face. She's definitely the one you want on your team when the chips are down. 




 One of the newest members of our team, Nikki has hit the ground running and established herself as the chief import bug hunter! She's a quick study and not afraid to dive into a new problem and find the solution!



As our Customer Journey and Success Manager, Ashley is dedicated to mapping out all customer interactions throughout the company to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience and get what they need as soon as possible, all while ensuring that the tools and processes used by the support squad are up to par for our customer needs.



As a member of our onboarding team, Jen is one of the friendly knowledgeable voices you get to hear when initially getting set up with your account. An expert in all areas of TeamSnap’s products and many features, Jen is passionate about getting our customers started off on the right track with confidence.





TeamSnap’s Website Builder concierge and leader for the website builder team, Brianna is the go-to for custom website requests and website builder site set up. Need website help or bow tie advice? Just let Brianna know! 




As a dedicated member of our Onboarding Team, Sarah will be one of the first interactions you have with your TeamSnap product as she walks you through the set up process! She's committed to making sure you're comfortable and confident through your first steps with TeamSnap!



Dedicated to creating and updating all things help content related, she is also the voice behind all the snazzy TeamSnap videos! Working behind the scenes, in the shadows - the invisible help you never knew you needed. Always open to feedback and suggestions to improve the help content available to you, she doesn’t ask for fame or glory (although she does love food), she asks only that you read/watch all the way through before asking questions.