Considerations for Archiving with Team Payments


Does your team or organization use new team payments and need to archive? Read on to learn more about what this entails and what you will need to do to prior to archiving.

If a team archive is performed, the new payments are moved from the old team to the new team. They are not archived. 

For division or league archiving, the payments stay with the old team and a new team may or may not be created (depending on the user’s choice when they run the division or league archive). The payments and WePay account do not carry over to the new team. Team payments in an archived team become inaccessible, since archived teams are not accessible on our mobile apps and team payments are currently only viewable in the mobile apps. Need to move your payments to the new team? Follow these steps:

  1. Take screenshots of the new payments members screen, batches screen, and each batch invoice screen
    1. Make sure filter is on “all” so no invoices are hidden
  2. Make a note of all the open invoices
  3. Cancel all the open invoices
  4. Process the archive
  5. Navigate to the new team on your mobile device
  6. Set up WePay using the same email address as for the first WePay account if you want them to share a login
  7. Recreate all the previously open invoices if you'd still like to collect and record them
  8. Contact support to unlink the WePay account attached to the now archived team

All the money that has not been settled will show up in the original WePay account and will settle on the schedule agreed to.  

Common Questions

Oh no! I have open invoices and I just archived. Now what?

It is not possible to regain access to those invoices, however, they can still be paid so long as the WePay account is still active. The invoice is still listed in the mobile dashboard of the user (My Invoices), the web dashboard of the user, and via the invoice email in their inbox. The payments will still come through WePay and can be viewed at

What will happen if I didn’t cancel the invoices before I archived and I don’t want them to be paid anymore?

Depends on whether you want the outstanding invoices to be paid or not. They can still be paid until the account is unlinked or otherwise disabled by TeamSnap Customer Support. Once the WePay account is unlinked, the invoices cannot be paid anymore. They will still show up as open in My Invoices and if the payer goes to the invoice to pay it, it won’t let them. In the future we will add the ability to cancel those invoices so that they don’t show up in My Invoices.