International Teams: Mobile Provider Not Listed for Team Alerts

For teams outside the United States or Canada, when we send text messages in TeamSnap we utilize the email to SMS gateways that many cell phone companies provide for their customers.

If your mobile provider is not an option in the mobile provider drop-down list that appears when you check the Team alerts sent via SMS box in your roster profile, we either have not been able to obtain an email to SMS address or they do not provide one for their customers.

If you are you are able to obtain this email to SMS address for your carrier, we would be happy to support the mobile provider you list. As an example, T-Mobile in the USA has an email to SMS address of If you can contact the provider and find out the specific email address that the provider uses, you can contact support to get it added!

If you are in the United Kingdom or Australia, mobile providers in your region no longer provide SMS gateways as a free service to their customers, so TeamSnap text messaging is not available in these areas. If your provider doesn't support texting, you can still receive Alerts as Push Notifications to your smartphone. 

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