Locate a Division ID Number

Each organization, division, or subdivision within TeamSnap is assigned a unique ID number. That ID is the one unique identifier for that division and season and is the best way to identify a specific division or subdivision. When interacting with your Sports Organization Support team, you may be asked for this ID when troubleshooting, or need to provide the Division ID number when authorizing the transfer of an independent team under your organization umbrella. 

Where do I find my Division ID number? 

The Division ID number is included in the URL when accessing the Division from a web browser, it is found immediately after the https://go.teamsnap.com

In the example shown above, the Division ID is 3590919. 

Tip: If you are authorizing a team to be transferred into your organization, you will always want to provide the most specific ID for that team to be moved under. If your organization has divisions, you can provide a division ID for that team. If your organization has subdivisions, you will want to provide the subdivision ID instead. 
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