Financials Notification Emails

When using integrated payments with TeamSnap for registration, an email notification is sent from TeamSnap to notify the league owner on record of the payment. By default, the notification email is turned on and there is not a way to turn the notification emails off at this time. 

If you are a league owner and you do not wish to be notified of payments we suggest that you do one of the two options below. 

Option 1: Filter the Emails

Set up an email filter in your personal email account so that payment notifications are automatically filed in a specific folder. See the below links for instructions on how to do this in popular email providers.

Option 2: Set Up an Alternate Email Address

This involves making the account email for the league owner an alternate email address that you set up for notification and addition/removal of commissioners only and then setting up an additional commissioner profile with your preferred email address for your day to day TeamSnap use and management. 

  1. Change the account email address of the league owner account holder to an alternate email address. See: Update Account Email
  2. Create a second commissioner profile with your preferred email address, this profile can be used for day to day management (with the exception of adding commissioners which can only be done by the league owner). See: Add a Commissioner

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