Running Tryouts with TeamGenius

TeamSnap has an easy-to-use integration with our friends at TeamGenius to help run tryouts and team evaluations. With a TeamGenius account you can easily import your TeamSnap rosters to TeamGenius, and then sync your teams back to TeamSnap once you have finished your tryouts.

Import TeamSnap Roster into TeamGenius

To get started, create a free TeamGenius account if you don't already have one. Once you are able to log into TeamGenius, go to the Player Import tab and click TeamSnap to pull your TeamSnap rosters and invite team managers. Watch the video below or check out this great help article from TeamGenius for more help on importing your TeamSnap rosters to TeamGenius.

Run Tryouts

Once you have your members imported, you are ready to run your tryouts and evaluate your players all within TeamGenius! Check out this helpful Quick Start Guide for Evaluators for more help getting started with tryouts or check out the video below. 

Sync Your Teams Back to TeamSnap

Once tryouts are completed, you can form your teams in TeamGenius and sync them along with player profile pictures back to TeamSnap! Follow the steps below or the instructions in this help article to sync your teams back to TeamSnap.

  1. From your TeamGenius account, click on the Assessment Home tab on the far left.
  2. Click the Sync Teams to TeamSnap button under Things to Do.
  3. Select the teams you want to sync with TeamSnap and press continue.
  4. Optional: Add in the manager for each new team to push to TeamSnap by typing in their first name, last name, and email and press continue.
  5. Select the division you want to sync the teams to in TeamSnap and press Sync Teams to TeamSnap. (Note: This will only come up the first time you sync teams with TeamSnap.)

You should see your TeamSnap Teams Sync Completed once the sync has finished! You can now log back into TeamSnap to see your updated teams and continue your in-season management.