Upgrade to Integrated Payments FAQs

What is changing with the payments upgrade and how is it different from WePay and/or PayPal?

TeamSnap Integrated Payments is a new, upgraded payment solution that allows clubs, leagues, and teams to collect fees directly within TeamSnap with no third party set up required. This will enable your team to receive payments faster than ever, with deposits for card payments (when available) within 5-7 business days. With integrated payments, you’ll have one place to login and no third parties to deal with. TeamSnap is truly your one stop shop for all of your team management needs!

Does this upgrade affect me?

All TeamSnap teams and sports organizations based in the United States and Canada have now been upgraded to the new TeamSnap integrated payments! TeamSnap team accounts are now in the process of being upgraded. We are committed to making sure that the upgrade transition is as smooth and easy as possible for you and your teams.

What happens to payment records from WePay?

Existing payment records in the Payment Log & Transaction Summary remain intact with full functionality. This migration will happen within 2-4 weeks after your team has been fully upgraded to Integrated Payments on TeamSnap.

What will happen to my WePay account balance?

Balances cannot be transferred between payment providers so you will need to cash out your WePay account and start fresh with Integrated Payments. We recommend leaving your WePay account open for 3-6 months to allow for any chargebacks or refunds you may need to make.

What happens if I need to make refunds?

The refund process will remain exactly the same. New refunds will be issued directly through TeamSnap and can be managed and viewed on your Invoicing dashboard (for teams).

Charges processed with WePay will be refunded from your WePay account. WePay will typically attempt to withdraw any funds from your connected bank account. If this results in a negative balance, you will need to work with WePay support directly.

How do I set up the new Invoicing tab?

The team owner is the only person who can set up the Invoicing tab.  The bank account and identifying information must match the team owner.

Who will have access to the Invoicing tab?

The team owner and managers will have access to the Invoicing tab for teams (however as a reminder, the team owner is the one who needs to set up the Invoicing).

What reporting will I have access to?

Once activated, you will have access to payments and deposits reports located under the Invoicing tab in Financial Reporting. Check out our financials tab reporting article for more info.

Will my payments through the upgraded system be secure?

Payment data security is high priority for us at TeamSnap, and therefore, our new integrated payments system is fully PCI-complaint and encrypts all data passed through it. We do not store any payment data on our system and go through annual PCI and security certifications.

What are the payment processing rates for invoicing?

Current default processing rates are 3.25% + $1.50 and are passed to the invoice recipient in the invoice total.

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