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Set Up Awesome Weather Plugin

The Awesome Weather Widget plugin is a choice plugin offered for our Website Builder customers within their Wordpress site. Follow the steps below for setup instructions, and if you need additional assistance please reach out to the plugin developer.

Register for OpenWeatherMap

  1. Locate the plugin within your site dashboard in the Plugins section
  2. Click Activate
  3. Create an OpenWeatherMap account at https://home.openweathermap.org/users/sign_up
  4. Click API keys from within your OpenWeatherMap account or open your welcome email to snag your API key
  5. Copy your API key
  6. Back in your Website Builder Wordpress dashboard, go to Settings>Awesome Weather 
  7. Paste the API key in the OpenWeatherMaps APPID field
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Click the Clear all Awesome Weather Widget Cache button to reset the weather data

Add the Widget to Your Site

  1. Open the page you'd like to add the widget to in Page Builder mode
  2. Click the + button in the top right to open your module options
  3. Add the weather display to your site via option 1: Add the Widget (step 4) or option 2: Add the shortcode (step 5)
  4. Option 1: Add the widget
    1. In the dropdown select Wordpress Widgets
    2. Drag and drop the Awesome Weather Widget to the page where you'd like it displayed
    3. Select the template layout you'd like to use
      1. See what the options look like here: https://halgatewood.com/downloads/awesome-weather-widget-pro
    4. Search for and confirm your City ID
      1. You can enter the zip code or city, country (e.g. Los Angeles, US)
        1. Need help finding your city code? Read more here: Finding City ID
    5. Give your weather widget a title that will be shown at the top of the weather display
    6. Select the number of days you'd like displayed for the forecast
    7. Set a custom background color or image if you'd like
      1. Note: The setting for using different background images based on weather is not
    8. Make selections for the miscellaneous settings
    9. Click Save
  5. Option 2: Add the shortcode
    1. In the dropdown select Standard Modules
    2. Drag and drop the HTML module to the page where you'd like it displayed
    3. Paste the shortcode you'd like to use
      1. Shortcode examples for template layouts can be found here https://halgatewood.com/downloads/awesome-weather-widget-pro.(If you copy the example shortcodes shown there for use in your site, make sure to update the city ID!)
      2. To put together your shortcode with your preferred attributes, more information on shortcodes and attributes can be found here https://halgatewood.com/docs/plugins/awesome-weather-widget/using-shortcode
      3. Need help finding your city code? Read more here: Finding City ID
      4. Note: The shortcode won't display anything on the page if you only use the base shortcode [awesome-weather]
    4. Click Save
  6. Click Done
  7. Click Publish Changes

If you need any additional assistance, run into any issues with the plugin, or have questions specific to this plugin only, please reach out to the plugin developer.

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