Failed Payments

"Oh No!  Something went wrong on our end!  Please try your payment again!"

If you have received this message when attempting to pay your registration or invoice payment please try the following:

  • Clear your browser cache or try an incognito browser
  • Check your card number and expiration date to ensure they were entered correctly
  • Contact your financial institution to ensure there are no holds or limits on your card
  • Try a different payment method
  • Contact TeamSnap Support

If you have installment payments set up, payments should process smoothly on the specified dates. Who doesn't love a set-it-and-forget-it scenario? If you do run into an installment payment failure, read on to see how it can be addressed.

Registration Installments

When a registration installment fails:

  • Payment will be re-attempted three times.
    • If the failure error is returned that the card is being explicitly blocked from transactions, the payment is completely locked and no further attempts will be made for that or any of the following installments for that transaction. 
      • Resolution: The cardholder must enter their card information as a new payment method rather than attempting to update the current method, and select to pay the installment then or ask their organization's admin to reset the registration installment dates to reset the payment attempts and future installments. 
    • If the installment was declined due to non-sufficient funds 3 times, processing attempts will stop until the next installment date occurs, skipping over the initially failed installment. 
      • Resolution: An admin for your organization would need to reset the installment date for that initially failed installment in order to get that payment installment processed.

Invoice Installments

When an invoice installment fails:

  • Payment will fail - currently, there will be no further attempts to process the payment
    • Resolution: Cardholder can update credit card information to trigger the system to re-attempt processing
    • Resolution: Admin can cancel the invoice and create a new one with the remaining invoice balance
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