Archiving Best Practices

Season Archiving for Clubs and Leagues lets you remove data from your active season and store it in a past season. Any time you want to clear out a bulk amount of data from your active season without deleting it completely, archiving is a good way to go. It's also one of the potentially irreversible edit options available to you in TeamSnap. There are three basic archive options are Full Organization, Division, and Team-level archives. Here are a few tips on best practices when archiving your organization. 

Archiving Tips 

  • Read through the Season Archiving guide. You'll be glad you did!
  • The most common 'oops' for an organization when performing archives is archiving the Full Organization when there were roster profiles or registration entries they wanted to utilize in their upcoming season. If you have already started to gather any registration information for your upcoming season, you probably want to steer away from a full organization archive.
  • Archiving does not close registration forms. If you archive an open registration form, it will remain open, and accepting registration entries from anyone who has the public registration address. For this reason, it is important to close registration forms before processing a Full Organizational archive. And make sure future registrants have the unique public registration addresses for the new season active forms.  
  • Division and Full Organizational archives have less info-carry-over options, but they can be viewed under organization admin Archived Seasons tabs without needing to assign any roles to the division prior to the archive. Commissioners do have automatic access to their archived divisions and organizations. 
  • In the event of an emergency, Division and Full Organizational archives can be reversed by your organization support team. However, archives are not designed to be reversed, and reversing these edits can compromise or duplicate data. So it's best to resort to reversing archives for emergencies only. 
  • Team-level archives can carry over the most information, but they are also the only archive option that is absolutely irreversible (even our development team can't reverse team archives) 
  • Team-level archives also require a member role assigned to the team in order to view it under your Archive/Retired Seasons tab on your login dashboard after archiving. Commissioners do not have automatic access to archived team seasons. 
  • Your Messages tabs in archived seasons work the same way as in active ones. This means that profiles don't have to be assigned to a team to receive messages. If you move all roster roles into a bucket division without teams, and then process a Division archive, none of those members will see that division on their dashboard, but you can still use that division to send them emails. 

Archiving Reference Guides

The TeamSnap Playbook is a treasure trove of how-to. Here are a few of our favorite guides that relate to archiving: