How does TeamSnap handle maps for event locations?

We take the address that you enter and pass it directly to Google Maps, which means that you can be pretty freeform with what you enter. While we always recommend that you give the most specific, complete address as possible, sometimes Google can discern where you’re talking about if the location has a public name.

For example, all of these addresses work just fine in Google Maps:

  • 818 SW Third Ave, Portland OR 97204
  • 818 SW Third Ave, 97204
  • 818 SW Third Ave, Portland, OR
  • Wilshire Park, Portland, OR
  • Interbay Field, Seattle, WA

You can see that sometimes just entering the name of the location + the city will work. But if you’re not sure if your address will work, just try it out in Google Maps first and see.

Note that you can also enter a full web URL, like so:,+seattle

Just copy and paste it from Google or another mapping website.

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