Replacing TeamSnap Modules and Google Doc Embedder Plugins

We’re always working behind the scenes to make sure the plugins you rely on are doing their jobs. This means constantly screening for security, reliability and maintenance. That goes double for our TeamSnap modules. Some of them weren’t living up to their potential and we know that was frustrating. 

We’ve updated the TeamSnap modules and have a new process for the Google Doc Embedder Plugin. If you use either those modules or plugin, you’ll need to replace them before they’re retired later this year. The three articles below take you step-by-step through the process.

TeamSnap Modules

We’ve rewritten the TeamSnap Registration, Division Listing, Schedule, and Location modules from the ground up to be faster, more reliable and, yes, frustration free: Updating from Legacy Modules to the New TeamSnap Modules.

We’re also retiring the TeamSnap Sponsors module in favor of the PowerPack Logo Grid & Carousel to give you more flexibility and control: Replacing the TeamSnap Sponsors module.

Google Doc Embedder Plugin

For anyone who uses the Google Doc Embedder Plugin, Google has released a simpler way to embed Google spreadsheets, documents, forms, and presentations into your website using embed codes: Replacing the Google Doc Embedder Plugin.

Get even more from your website with new WordPress plugins!

Lastly, we’ve added a few plugins to help you get that perfect look and feel, make updating your content more efficient and connect with more players and parents.

Google Fonts Typography

Choose from the entire set of Google fonts to provide more flexibility than ever. No coding required. Learn more at

Duplicate Post

Ever post the same update to your site every season? If so, you can use the Duplicate Post plugin to make that task a lot easier. Learn more under Plugins in WP Admin.


Let Google translate your website so non-English speakers can still learn about your club. Learn more at GTranslate Support.