Creating a Credit-Based Discount for Future Registrations

If you want to apply current payments to a future registration form, you may want to use a discount code. Here’s how to set up a discount code that would be available to current registrants for a future form.

  1. Create a new registration form for use in the future
  2. Create a discount code custom text field on that future registration form.
  3. Set up a discounted advanced fee adjustment
    1. either create a $0 fee made available to registrants based on conditional logic using your discount code custom field with advanced pricing by participant with the credited amount OR
    2. create a credited fee amount based on conditional logic using the discount code custom field
    3. You can create as many discount codes and conditional fee choices as you need. 
  4. Use the ‘Manage Columns’ and Email Page option on your Registration forms to provide those registration codes to the applicable registrants.