COVID-19 Payment Dispute Guidelines

TeamSnap will do our best to help fight any payment dispute received from the inability to provide goods or services due to government orders and mandates. In order to best support your organization and contest this dispute on your behalf, we will need the following evidence documented in accordance with Visa and Mastercard guidelines: 

  1. If applicable, a copy or evidence that you provided the customer with postponed services, credit, or substitute services instead of a refund.
    1. Make sure to include as much information as possible, such as an identifier, dates, and a description.
  2. If applicable, a copy of relevant sections of your terms and conditions that state you are not required to provide a refund to the customer. 
  3. If applicable, a copy of your registration, or invoice, checkout flow showing how customers accept your waivers and terms and conditions.

For general information on chargebacks, please refer to Handling Payment Disputes for Integrated Payments