COVID-19 FAQs for Organizations

Your sports organization is navigating the unexpected, and you're not alone. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding season management, refunds, and future season options.

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Refund FAQs

What happens to transaction fees when I refund?

At this time, TeamSnap refunds all transaction fees when a full refund is processed, and there are no fees for processing refunds. This applies to both registration and organization invoicing payments. For payments where the organization absorbed those transaction fees, those fees are credited back to the organization. Partial refunds do not refund transaction fees. TeamSnap will recover any funds for refunds from pending deposits (if applicable) or the connected bank account.

Attention: TeamSnap Tournaments accounts at do not refund transaction fees. 

When will payers receive their refunds? 

TeamSnap and most banks/ card providers are currently experiencing a high volume of refund requests, resulting in delays in financial reporting of refunds and in the processing of refunds to cardholders. At this time, refunds may take up to 15-21 days after a refund request is made. 

What happens to a refund if the card has been canceled or expired?

If the original card expired or was cancelled, the new card will be credited with the refund. If the account is completely closed, the bank will usually send the refund to the new bank account or issue a check for the credit. It is very rare, even with canceled or expired cards for the refunded funds to not process successfully. If the payer doesn't see their refund in 15-21 days, you can always reach out to your TeamSnap support team with their transaction ID, and we can look up the refund and provide a tracking identifier---ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) and/or STAN:(System Trace Audit Number)-- that the payer can provide to the bank to track the refund. This info is only available once the refund has processed.

Can I submit bulk refunds? 

 At the moment, registration and invoicing refunds can only be submitter per-payment. There is not a bulk refund option at this time, but there are a number of options available. Check out: Season and Payment Resources below.

I've received a chargeback. What are my options?

Chargebacks are payment disputed triggered by payers through their card providers. TeamSnap will do our best to work within the VISA and Mastercard guidelines to help you fight any payment dispute received from the inability to provide goods or services due to government orders and mandates. To learn more about chargebacks and your options for fighting them, check out  COVID-19 Payment Dispute Guidelines.

Can I partially refund invoices?

Organization Invoices can only be refunded online in full. Partial refunds for invoices can be submitted offline via cash or check. Here is how to refund invoices.

Refund failed to process
There are a few reasons why a commissioner may receive a "Refund Failed to Process" message. Here is how to identify the most common causes and what you can do about them: Understanding Failed Registration Refunds

Season and Payment Resources

What new TeamSnap features are in the works?

We're always adding to your tools and resources. Check out new and upcoming releases for sports organizations under Web Updates. 

Small Business Relief Programs

If your sports organization is a small business, you may qualify for government relief. Check out the TeamSnap blog here for information on Small Business Administration emergency disaster assistance loans and the CARES Act.

Creating Credit-Based Discounts For Future Registrations

If you want to apply current payments to a future registration form, you may want to use a discount code. Here’s how to set up a discount code that would be available to current registrants for a future form: Registration Discount Codes.

Bulk Delaying Registration Installments

Organization commissioners can now bulk postpone registration installments and push them out by 30, 60, or 90 days. You can find all installment edit options--including bulk postponing payments options-- in this guide: Edit Participant Installment Plans. Installment edit options are only available for registration installments, and are not currently available for invoicing installments.

Planning for the Future Registrations

Need to begin collecting registrations, but want to be prepared for the unknown? You have a number of options, including delaying or deferring fee collection for your registrants. Here is a guide on Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: Registration During COVID-19

Collecting Donations via Registration
Registration forms are most often used to gather player information and allow registrants to select specific fees, but they can also be configured to allow members to submit donations. Here is how to set up a registration form for donations: Using Registration for Donations.  
Staying Connected Through TeamSnap

TeamSnap has a wealth of communication and remote sports tools available to keep you in touch with your members, and agile to navigate current and future seasons. Here are a couple resource guides on Navigating the Unexpected With TeamSnap, Using TeamSnap from Home, and tools for your organization teams and team members on TeamSnap from Home for Teams.

Canceling Schedules

Games and events can not be bulk canceled or edited in an organization, but there are a number of season management options available to rename, retire, cancel, or archive current seasons and their schedule data. 

  • Season Archiving removes current data from your active season and stores it in an archived season for reference and communication. 
  • Game and Event cancellation edits can be made at the level the game or event is controlled. 
    • Team-level games and events can be canceled at the team level. 
    • Multi-team events and organization-controlled games can be canceled at the division-Schedule tabs by using the Schedule tab > Admin column > snap action dots “...” to select edit. 
    • Scheduler-generated games and events can only be edited in the Scheduler schedule that created them. You can delete or cancel and republish, or unpublish the schedule to remove it from your Club & League teams all at the same time. 
Changing Your TeamSnap Plan

Your dedicated Client Success Manager is the best person to speak to regarding any changes to your existing TeamSnap organization plan. If you need assistance contacting your Client Success Manager, you can contact support, and they can assist with getting you in touch with your Client Success Manager.

Creating a Return to Play Plan

TeamSnap is a proud member of the PLAY Sports Coalition, which has recently released its Return to Play Considerations, aiming to help youth sports organizations develop their own Return to Play guidelines and plan. Read more...