Team Email Address and Free Public Access Site isn't Working

Due to security issues and lack of usage, TeamSnap shut down the free public access sites that came with our free stand-alone team plans in the Summer of 2017.

Note: The removal of public access sites does not affect club & league customers using our website builder sites.

The team email address feature was part of public access and was phased out in June of 2017. We completely removed the team email addresses option in June of 2018. We will not be reimplementing the public access or team email address feature. To communicate with your team, please  to   login  to TeamSnap and send emails from the Messages tab.We apologize for any disappointment that this may cause. Here are some answers to common questions:

  • “How can I forward an email or attachment to my team?”  Unfortunately, you can no long forward an email to your team from your personal email inbox.  You can try “cutting and pasting” the body of the email into a new message in the TeamSnap Messages tab (formatting may not apply exactly) or printing the email as a .pdf and sharing the attachment with your team.
  • “How can I share an attachment with my team?”  Upload the attachment to the TeamSnap Media tab and message your players to access it there OR save it to your computer and create a new message in the TeamSnap Messages tab and attach it to your message.
  • “How can send an email to multiple teams at the same time?”  Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to do this unless you are a commissioner using the TeamSnap Club or League product.

If you need a snappier, more robust public-facing website or are juggling several teams for your organization and need a better way to handle player registration this season you may want to learn more about  TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues!

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