Can my group use TeamSnap if it does not play a sport?

Of course! It does not matter if you are managing a team or a group, with a few simple steps you can customize your site to best fit the needs of your group. TeamSnap has settings to accommodate both sporting and non-sporting teams. 

Managing a group? TeamSnap can coordinate your activities! We support alumni groups, associations, babysitting co-ops, bands, book clubs, camps, church groups, clubs, corporate teams, families, fraternities, friends, gaming clans, parties, schools & classes, scouting, sororities, yodeling clowns, and many more…..

When you create a new team or group you will select either Sport or Non-Sport as part of the set-up process. Some of the wording will be changed if you select the Non-Sport option, for example:

  • The Roster tab is renamed Members tab
  • Any references to the term Player are replaced with Member
  • Position is renamed to Role on the roster

If you have an existing site and want to change from a Sport to a Non-Sport setup, simply go to Manager tab> Team Settings> Edit> Sport: > Select: Non-Sport Group> Save the setting.

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