Add Sports Organization Members

Club and League account administrators have the ability to see all organization members, including other administrators under the Directory tab. Administrators can also edit member information directly from the roster tab, add new players and assign them to teams or leave them unassigned, and transfer players among existing teams.

Add Members via Registration

Utilizing TeamSnap's registration feature is highly encouraged to save time and allow the collection of member information and for collecting any needed registration fees. The registration process enables the registrants for your organization to fill out their own information and pay any dues that may apply, and then the system creates their member profile automatically, which the administrators can then assign to team rosters. Interested in setting up registration? Read more about that here.

Add Members via Roster Import

TeamSnap's roster import feature allows you to upload a CSV file of your roster, or you can use our Roster Import Template to fill out and use for the upload. If you use your own CSV file, you'll want to ensure that the column headings match those listed in the import template. You can use the import feature to upload rosters with custom information and assign to teams using the import file. Want to go for the roster import? Read more about that here.

Add Members via Manual Entry

We've saved the best for last! What's that? You don't love typing out the information for every member one by one? That's unheard of. Type typey typeitty type ya'll! Anyway, in case you prefer manual entry or need to add a member directly here or there, read on!

  1. Click the Directory tab
  2. Click the Add Member button
  3. Enter the member details
  4. Click Save and Create Another to continue adding members
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to add multiple members
  6. Click Save when finished adding members
  7. Click the green Invite to Join button under the member's name, in the Directory tab list, for any member in the roster list
  8. Check the boxes for the members that you want to send invitations to
  9. Click Send Invitations
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