Set Up the Payments Tab

Note: If you’re currently using PayPal to accept registration payments and would like to switch over to TeamSnap Payments, our shiny new payment solution, contact Read more here: PayPal to WePay

Ready to start using TeamSnap Payments (powered by WePay) to collect registration fees for your organization? You’ve come to the right place, read on!

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your organization name under the My Leagues section of your My Leagues and Teams dashboard
  3. Click the Payments tab
  • Please note applicable transaction fee and chargeback fee amounts. Need more information about chargebacks? Read more here: WePay Chargeback FAQs
  • Complete all fields with your organization's information
    • First and last name should be your organization’s registrar, treasurer, or the primary party responsible for registration.  
    • The email address entered should again be the registrar, treasurer, or an alias for your organization. Setup confirmation and all future emails from WePay will be sent to that email address.

  • Click Connect With WePay
  • Check email account entered in step 4 for a confirmation email

  • Click Confirm
  • Set your account password
  • Complete your account set up and verification

    • Note: You'll need to complete the KYC information and link a bank account (checking or savings) to receive funds. You have 14 days to complete this information before a freeze is put on the account. 
  • What Happens Next

    Once you've completed your account setup, verification, and added a bank account, you are ready to accept payments via invoicing or registration! Unable to complete setup right away? You can return to your WePay account by clicking Manage My WePay Account under the Payments tab.

    1.  Log into your account using the email & password you previously created
    2. Click the Update links noted on your screen:

    3. Complete the information and you are ready to go!