Manage Organization Settings

TeamSnap Tournaments admins can select desired payment types, design unique signup incentives, and automate receipts for tournament registration. The Settings tab is where you will enter the general settings for your organization, where you can enter settings that apply for the organization as a whole across all registrations, and set up season details if desired. 

In this article

Update General Organization Settings

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click General
  3. Update fields as needed
    • Organization Name *required
    • City
    • State/Province/County
    • A reply-to email address for messaging responses
    • Organization logo image
  4. Click Save

Update Org-wide Registration Settings

Note:  These settings apply across all registrations under an organization and cannot be set differently for multiple event registrations.
  1. Click the Settings tab
  2. Click Registration
  3. Select desired Currency
  4. Select checkbox(es) for accepted forms of payment
    • Credit card (set up of secure integration with Stripe required)
    • Cash or check (offline)
      • Enter optional offline payment notes/instructions
  5. Update Processing Fees option
  6. Set up Stripe integration if credit card payment acceptance is desired
  7. Enter receipt settings to automate registration receipts, which are sent immediately after payment is accepted 
  8. Set up promos and/or multi-registration discounts for desired discount options
    • Event admins can create time-sensitive promo code(s), or incentivize coaches/organizations to sign up multiple participants by offering a volume discount
    • Custom pricing structures can be set up to encourage early signup
  9. Set up custom fees if desired

Set Up Season Details (optional)

Note: Organizations with multiple sports will need to set seasons up by sport. For example, a Spring Season set up for softball will not appear as a choice for an event set up for baseball or soccer.
  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Seasons
  3. Click Add Season
  4. Enter season details
  5. Click Save