Adding Officials to Your Organization

As a TeamSnap Tournaments administrator, you can add and update officials information for your tournament organization, and import your official's info from a CSV file. Officials can be managed in two areas. The first is within your admin portal under the Officials tab, and the second is within your tournament management area. This article describes how you can add officials manually one at a time or add multiple officials via a CSV import, and adjust settings to assign officials to games. 

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Add Officials Manually

Note: Only users with the Assigner role can make these edits. Tournament Admins can edit user roles to grant themselves or others the Assigner permissions.
  1. Click the Officials tab
  2. Click Add First Official or Add Official
    1. Don't see the Add Official button? Make sure you have been granted the Assigner role
  3. Complete fields and add tags
    1. First Name, Last Name, and Email are required
    2. If desired, add unlimited customizable tags for messaging or assignment purposes. This can help in tracking certifications, experience, reviews, or anything else you'd like to group officials by. 
  4. Click Save

Import Officials

Note: All officials' fields can be imported with the exception of the tag field. 
  1. Log into TeamSnap Tournaments
  2. Click Import Officials
  3. Prepare your Import File 
    1. You can use TeamSnap's Officials Import Template or your own CSV file.  If you use your own file, you'll want to ensure that the column headings match up to what is listed in the import template. 
  4. Click Choose File
    1. Check the Has Headers box if your import file already has the column headers labeled for field matching
  5. Click Next
  6. Ensure that your fields are properly mapped to the system headers by clicking the drop-down next to Map and selecting the field name that the data from your file corresponds to
    1. If there is no match for the field you are importing, select Ignore
  7. Click Next
  8. Review imported data for accuracy
  9. Click Next
  10. Click Finished

What's Next

You can move on to set up and assign your officials to positions and events.

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