What is Season Archiving?

Note: Season archiving is available only for accounts on paid plans, and can only be performed by a site administrator (team owner for independent team accounts or the club/league owner or commissioners for club/league accounts) on the web app (this function not available in mobile apps).

Season archiving saves a copy the current season and creates a fresh blank season. There are 3 methods for creating a season archive for clubs and leagues, which include full organization (league) archive, division archive, and team archive. For team accounts, the only available method is a team archive. Team archive is the only method with options to carry over team information such as the roster, message, photos, and other team data. Season archiving is an irreversible process. It is important to understand how the feature works prior to initiating an archive.

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Roster members of the archived season will be able to access the archive and view past games and associated data, but will not be able to edit or add anything new to an archived season. Only members of the roster at the time of archiving will have access to the archive. If a player is deleted from the active season roster after a season is archived, they will no longer have access to the current season but will still have access to the archived season.

Archived seasons display the features available in the plan that is being used in the active season. Archived seasons can only be viewed from the browser version of TeamSnap, not the mobile apps, and are indicated by a banner displayed across the top of the screen:


Only the site administrator that is also on the archived season roster is able to go back and make edits to the archived season data.

Complete Schedule/Availability data may not be copied to season archives if there are a large number of rosters and/or events, purely for technical reasons. The current threshold is (# rosters x # events > 9,500) which is typically enough for most teams, especially if they regularly archive each season.

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