Manage League Team Owners

League administrators can assign team owner status to any member of their organization. Each team can only be assigned a single team owner.

Note: Team Owner access can only be granted from the web app, not available in mobile apps. Team Owner access can only be granted to active TeamSnap members who have accepted their invitation and are assigned to the team they will be granted ownership of.

Assign Team Ownership

If not yet on the roster, use the  Add button to add and invite the new team owner. Once they have accepted and are assigned to their team:

  1. Navigate to the teams list under the Divisions/Teams tab
  2. Click the Change button in the Team Owner column
  3. Select the new team owner from the drop-down
  4. Click Save New Owner

Once an owner for a team has been established, it is not possible for a commissioner to revert to having the team with no assigned owner. If you would like to remove ownership from a team altogether (have no assigned owner) please contact Support with the details and we will be glad to assist with the request.

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