Create Team Assignments

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Need to have parents sign up to volunteer at games or bring refreshments like coffee and doughnuts for coaches? For teams on one of our paid plans, TeamSnap Assignments are here to help! The Assignments tab allows you to create unlimited tasks or needed items that players and/or parents can sign up for, or be assigned to.

On the website, you will see the Assignments tab, while on the mobile apps Assignments is located within the Schedule tab under game/event details. Coaches and managers can create items like tasks or volunteer positions, and players and parents can create items on their own to sign up to bring snacks or other needed items.

Creating Assignments on Web

  1. Click Assignments tab
  2. If you are not seeing the same Games/Events as on your Schedule, click View Preferences and update as needed
  3. Click New Assignment next to game/event to assign to
  4. Enter item description
  5. Click Unassigned and select from roster members listed, OR for sign up/volunteer tasks leave as Unassigned
  6. Click Save

Creating an Assignment on Mobile

  1. Tap team name
  2. Tap Schedule icon (Android) or Schedule/Availability tab (iOS)
  3. Tap Game/Event to view details
  4. Tap + (Android) or Add (iOS) to the right of Assignments
  5. To assign tasks tap Unassigned and select from roster members listed, or for sign up/volunteer tasks leave as Unassigned (players/parents will be automatically assigned to items they create)
  6. Enter task description
  7. Tap Save (Android) or OK (iOS)

Message Assigned Members

On the web, team managers can click the  Send Email button to email the team requesting sign ups for the assignments created.

Additionally, assignments are included in the automatic reminder emails sent out 2 days prior to games and events. Gathering signups for the team potluck or finding out who has seats for a carpool will be quick and easy!