Create Team Assignments

Do you need to have snack shack signup, allow players to coordinate carpools, or assign game and event duties? For teams on one of our paid plans, the Assignments tab allows you to create unlimited tasks and add items that players and/or parents can sign up for, or be assigned to.

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Create an Assignment (web)

  1. Click Assignments tab
    1. Not seeing the correct games or events from your schedule? Click View Preferences and update as needed
  2. Click New Assignment next to the game or event to assign to
  3. Select to create the assignment for All Games, All Events, or All Games and Events, or a specific game or event from the When dropdown
  4. Enter an assignment description (multi-game/event assignments skip to step 6)
  5. Optional (for single game or event assignments only): Click the Who dropdown and select from roster members to assign to or leave as Unassigned to allow for volunteer sign up to assignment
  6. Click Save

Create an Assignment (mobile)

  1. Tap team name
  2. Tap Schedule icon (Android) or Schedule/Availability tab (iOS)
  3. Tap the desired game or event
  4. Scroll down and tap + (Android) or Add (iOS) in the Assignments section
  5. Optional: Tap the Unassigned dropdown and select a roster member to assign to or leave as Unassigned to allow for voluntary sign up for the assignment(players/parents will be automatically assigned to items they create)
  6. Enter task description
  7. Tap Save (Android) or OK (iOS
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