How do I send Availability Reminders?

Get the low-down on who’s coming and going by sending Availability Reminders to your team.  You can send the reminders for any game or event that is set to ‘Track Availability’ in the game/event detail on your team website.

There are two places to trigger a reminder:

1) From your Availability Tab, click on the envelope icon that appears beneath the particular event you wish to send a reminder.


2) From your Schedule Tab, go to the game/event for which you want to send reminders to your team.  From the game/event detail, click the Send Sign Up Reminders button.  Select your choice of whether to send the reminder to all players or only the ones who have not responded and voila, the reminder is off!

Your chosen recipients will now receive an email (and a notification on their mobile device for those with our mobile app installed and notifications enabled!), a message from which they can set their availability without logging on to the site.  And you will be able to see an updated list of who is available for your event without having to strong-arm teammates or threaten to take their snack away after the next game!