Create a Team Logo

Team Logo's are available for the web version of your team. They cannot be seen in the mobile app.

If you’d like to create your own logo, you’ll want to have some experience with creating graphics for the web. Here are the requirements for a custom team logo in TeamSnap:

  • 150 x 150 pixels recommended
  • PNG, GIF, or JPEG format
    • Transparent PNG highly recommended
    • Transparent GIF works okay
    • JPEG is usually the poorest option (unless your logo is rectangular)

Only managers can upload a team logo — through the Team Logo area on the Manager tab. Just click the “Upload Logo” button and follow the directions to upload your logo image file.

We highly recommend that team logos be in transparent PNG format so that the logo can properly overlap the color scheme in the background:


As you can see, the PNG blends perfectly into the background. The GIF does not fully support transparency the way PNG does, so you get a “halo” effect (especially around the drop shadow). The JPEG format does not support transparency at all, so you see a white rectangle around the image. On the other hand, if your team logo actually *is* rectangular, then JPEG will work just great.

Creating a Transparent PNG
There are a number of software programs you can use to create a transparent PNG. The most popular include:

There are a number of good tutorials on creating transparent images.

Photoshop Tutorials

GIMP Tutorials

Corel PaintShop Pro Tutorials

Some good additional references:

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