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Share Scores and Photos with IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free service for connecting the apps and products you use every day. It includes hundreds of services representing your favorite apps like TeamSnap!

IFTTT is made up of Applets that use a series of data from your favorite apps to create chains of conditional statements. These applets consist of a conditional IF statement trigger from one app, and a DO action executed in another. 

A connection between IFTTT and TeamSnap allows you to post scores and photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networks.

You can use your TeamSnap schedule's new events, final scores, and wins or losses to trigger actions in other products and apps. You can also automatically share photos from many of the popular photo and social networks directly with your TeamSnap team!

To activate TeamSnap IFTTT service (online or in the IFTTT mobile app):

  1. Sign up at IFTTT.com


  2. Click Search 
  3. Search for the TeamSnap service
  4. Click the TeamSnap service
  5. Click Connect


  6. Enter your TeamSnap login credentials
  7. Click Authorize

  8. Start creating Applets or use some of the ones we’ve already created, like these:

To deactivate TeamSnap IFTTT service on your team account, please login at IFTTT.com. Then click the Settings gear:


Then click "Remove TeamSnap" from the TeamSnap Settings page on IFTTT:

You'll then see a confirmation screen. To remove the access, click "OK"

deleteiftttconfirmation.pngOnce access is removed, you will see this confirmation page that TeamSnap is now disconnected:disconnected.png

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