Manage Classic Payments Team Fees

This article covers administrative options for managing team fees in the Classic Payments tab for teams.

Important Note: Classic payments is being replaced by new payments. New teams and seasons will have the new payment features automatically, but you can continue to use classic payments for this team or switch to new payments when you are ready. Learn more: Set Up WePay for Team Payments.

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Create a New Team Fee Item

  1. Click Payments tab
  2. Click on the +New Team Fee button
  3. Enter the fee details
    1. Name the fee using the Fee Description field (e.g. Jerseys)
    2. Set the fee amount
      1. If varying fee amounts apply to different members, or does not apply to certain members, can make member-specific adjustments after entering the standard fee amount
    3. Optional: Add notes about the fee 
  4. Click Save

Edit or Delete a Fee Item

  1. Click Payments tab
  2. Click the  fee  name in the heading column
  3. Optional: Click Edit to make changes to the fee item details
  4. Optional: Click Delete to remove the fee and  its  associated balances
  5. This action is permanent and irreversible
  6. This action is permanent and irreversible
  7. Click Save

Enter Fee Adjustments or Unassociated Transaction Note

  1. Log into TeamSnap via the web app.
  2. Enter your team
  3. Click Payments tab
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the desired member fee amount owed
  5. Click More Options... 
  6. Select the option for the type of adjustment needed
    1. Select Owes a different amount: $ to adjust the selected fee amount for the member
      1. Enter the amount owed
      2. Optional: Enter a transaction note about the full payment (check number, payment method, etc)
    2. Select Fee does not apply to [player name] to remove the selected fee from the member's balance owed
      1. Optional: Enter a transaction note about the full payment (check number, payment method, etc)
    3. Select Just record the note to enter and save a transaction note that is not associated with any specific payment or adjustment
  7. Click Save
Note:  When viewing online, transactions noted in green are shown when a player has overpaid (a credit). These are not shown as negative numbers. Transactions in red signify money still owed by the player.

Refund PayPal Payment

  1. Log into your PayPal account
  2. Click Activity near the top of the screen
  3. Click the payment that needs to be refunded
  4. Click Refund this payment
  5. Enter the amount of the refund
  6. Click Continue
  7. Review the information and then click  Issue  Refund
    1. PayPal processing fees will be returned according to PayPal refund guidelines
    2. TeamSnap fees are non-refundable
  8. Return to TeamSnap
  9. Manually enter the refund in the payments tab by adjusting the amount the person owes
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