Add a Team Manager

Need some help managing your team? Team owners can grant manager access to any member on the roster. To learn more about the different member types and permissions associated with each type, read What are the different member types?

Note: Managers will have full editing rights to the team. All users with login access to the manager's member profile will be able to utilize the manager permissions. We recommend refraining from inviting contacts under the manager member's profile. There is no limit to the number of members on your team that can have manager access.

Need to give access to an adult that is listed under a child's player profile? We recommend creating and inviting the adult under a separate roster profile that the manager access can be granted to.

Grant Manager Access 

  1. Click/Tap the Roster tab
  2. Click/Tap member's name
  3. Click/Tap Edit
  4. Check or Toggle Manager Access
  5. Click/Tap Save