Why can’t I paste in the message box?

Aha! Looks like this is a security setting with Internet Explorer. (Those sneaky guys at Microsoft strike again!) Here are two articles that explain the situation:

You or somebody else using your computer probably disabled the ability to paste on the TeamSnap website. Basically, when you try pasting into a message body, you are prompted with something like “Do you want to allow this page to paste information from your clipboard?”.

The reason you’re prompted is because our message body box is a “rich text editor”, so it probably triggers this warning in IE where a normal text box would not.

Fortunately, the solution is pretty easy. Just follow the instructions above (depending on which version of IE you’ve got) and either disable the blocking, or just switch it back to “prompt” and then say “allow” when it asks you next time you paste. (Although it may continue to ask you for each message, so you may want to just disable it.)

Note: If Internet Explorer is still giving you issues, we suggest trying a different web browser such as – Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.  These browsers allow for easy pasting from both a rich and plain text editor.

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