Team Message Displays Incorrect Sender

Like many web applications, TeamSnap sends many emails from a no-reply  address,

If you’ve received a TeamSnap email sent by someone else in the past, your email program may have associated or labeled the address with that person's name. If so, you might see their name next to on the From line when you view an email. This name is stored and displayed by your email program, so we can’t prevent it from displaying the other name. However, because it is only stored in your personal email program, anyone else on your team viewing the email won’t see the substituted name.

Never fear, there is an easy fix! You can go to your contacts list within your email program, find the email address and change the name associated with our email address. You can remove the name and leave the label blank, edit the name to TeamSnap, edit the name to your current team name, or put any name in the field that you desire to see displayed with the address.  

The good news is that any replies to the message will still go to the correct person. We always set the Reply-To address to the person who sent the email, regardless of the email label!