Close and Delete a TeamSnap Account

Note:  An account that has active team or league roles associated with it cannot be deleted so please be sure to follow the steps to remove the teams prior to contacting support to complete the deletion process. 

We’re sorry to hear you’d like to leave TeamSnap! Before you make your final decision, we wanted to remind you that TeamSnap is for more than just sports teams and keeping your account active makes it easy for you to join a team or group later on. If you would like to keep your user account active for the future, but would like to make a few changes, here are some suggestions that might be what you are looking for:

I want to stop receiving my team communications and leave the team.

I want to unsubscribe from TeamSnap communications.

I want to stop getting personal calendar reminders from an old team.

I want to retire team I created and remove it from my list of teams.

I want to transfer ownership of a team I created to someone else.

If you still are ready to leave TeamSnap, we understand and our support team is here to help! 

Before we can do this, you will need to leave or retire any teams you are currently a member of. If you own a team, you will need to transfer ownership of the team to another roster member or retire the team

Once you no longer have active teams or leagues associated with your account, reach out to our support team with the TeamSnap email username that you would like deleted, and specify that you would like your TeamSnap account deleted.

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