What’s the difference between a Game and Event?

The TeamSnap Schedule tab has two team entry classifications: Games & Events.  It is important to create the correct entry because once created, an entry type cannot be changed or edited, it must be deleted and recreated.  

A Game is a scheduled entry where your team competes against an opponent and there is a scored result. Some of the distinctive field features of a Game entry are:

  • Opponent
  • Home or Away
  • Uniform
  • Extra Label
  • Enter Results

 An Event can be anything on your team’s schedule that is not a Game and does not need results entered to be tallied to your Team Record.   Teams commonly use the Event feature to set practices, tournaments, team meetings, and parties.  Some distinctive features of an Event entry are:

  • Daily Repeating Events
  • Weekly Repeating Events
  • Short Label field

After an entry has been scheduled, to distinguish between a Game or Event, a user with manager access can click to Edit the entry on the Schedule tab.  The Edit screen will be labeled Edit Game or Edit Event accordingly.