Team Schedule is not Updating in Google Calendar

TeamSnap pushes schedule changes within one hour, while Google Calendar typically updates on a 12-hour cycle for subscribed calendars. This means that it is necessary to wait for the next Google Calendar refresh update. Depending on where you fall in the cycle, it can potentially take up to 24 hours to display changes to your subscribed calendar.

Force Google Calendar Refresh

This trick will trip the Google system into thinking that you are requesting a totally new URL and will push it to make a new request rather than syncing to the cached version of your subscribed team schedule.

  1. Unsubscribe from your team schedule
  2. Re-subscribe to your team schedule following the steps in Subscribe to a Team Schedule, but stop at step 8
  3. When pasting the full calendar URL into the 'Other Calendar – Add by URL' field, add the following to the end of the URL immediately following .ics before you hit Enter: ?query=1
    1. Your URL should look similar to this example:
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