Delete or Retire an Independent Team

Warning: Deletion of teams removes all team rosters and all data associated to that team. Deletions cannot be reversed. If you see a delete button, do not proceed unless wiping all information tied to the team can be lost forever with no regrets, ever.

For club & league accounts, deleting teams in a teams list will delete all roster profiles and schedules assigned to that team. That data is not preserved at the league level at this time. Clubs and Leagues have an archive feature. Once archived, new seasons can be deleted without losing the archived data. Want to remove the team but not risk losing the data forever? Check out the retire or archive processes to save your data, and live with no regrets! #noregerts

Learn more here: 
Archive Season for Clubs and Leagues or
Archive Season for Independent Teams

Done. Finis. Over. Curtains. If you are finished with your team, you can retire the team from active status. This will remove the team from all members’ list of active teams. The team will then be viewable via your Archived/Retired Teams list on your My Teams page. To retire the team, please follow these steps:

Note:  All account management features must currently be completed from within the web application/browser, these features are not yet supported in the mobile apps.
  1.  Go to the Account drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the browser version of TeamSnap (not the app)
  2. Click on Manage My Teams
  3. Click on the name of the team to be retired in the left-hand column of the screen
  4. Choose the Retire this Team button if you want to permanently retire the team and all its data

If the retired team was formerly on a paid plan, it will immediately be set to our Free Plan and will be no longer be billed. Only features available on the Free Plan will be available for future use for the retired team. Refunds are not issued for any previous payments for retired teams.

Not sure if you want to completely retire your team? If you’d rather go inactive for the off-season, check out this article: Change Plans/Stop Billing

If you are not the team owner and you want to remove a team from your My Teams page, you can  leave that team.