Retire or Delete an Independent Team

This article explains how to retire or delete a team for independent team owners. If you are not the team owner and you want to remove an old team from your My Teams page, read more about   leaving a  team

First, let's touch on why you may or may not want to retire vs. delete your team, or take another route entirely. If you've already made your decision, feel free to skip down to the instructions below.

Retiring Teams

If you are the team owner and are finished with your team, you can retire the team from active status. This will remove the team from all members’ list of active teams, cancel future billing, and save a read-only copy of the team that you can continue to access from your TeamSnap Dashboard in the browser version of TeamSnap.

Deleting Teams

We don't really recommend doing this, except in cases where perhaps you created a team by mistake when you were trying to join a team or were trying to do something else. That's okay, it happens. If your team has an empty roster you can find the option to delete it by following the steps below. Please keep in mind that when you delete a team, the team and all the data within are removed permanently and cannot be retrieved or accessed ever again. Additionally, you will only see the option to delete a team if the team roster is empty. If you feel any apprehension toward deleting a team entirely, we strongly suggest retiring your team instead.

Alternative to Retiring and Deleting your Team

If you're not positive that you want to completely get rid of your team right now, you can always go inactive for the off-season by setting your team to the free plan. This will stop all billing immediately and hide some of the paid  features  but will allow you to keep your team active and the team data available for when/if you decide to upgrade back to a paid plan again. 

Delete or Retire an Independent Team

Note: All account management features must currently be completed from within the web application/browser, these features are not yet supported in the mobile apps.
  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Go to the Account drop-down in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click on Manage My Teams
  4. Click on the name of the team to be retired or deleted in the left-hand column of the screen
    1. Click the Retire this Team button to permanently retire the team and all its data
    2. Click the Delete this Team button to permanently delete the team and all its data

What's Next

The retired team will be viewable via your Archived/Retired Teams list on your My Teams page. The deleted team is gone forever and you never have to think of it again, except maybe wistfully on a rainy day.

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