Refund Registration Payment

Registrations using TeamSnap Payments have a refund eligibility window of 120 days from when the initial payment was released. Transaction fees will be included in full refunds but cannot be included in partial refunds.

  1. From the Registration tab, locate the participant registration you need to refund. Click the Admin > Edit button on the far right to open the registration transaction summary.
  2. Click the Refund button to the right of the payment that needs to be refunded 
  3. Select Full Refund or Partial Refund Amount (must enter refund amount for partial refunds)
  4. Click Refund to submit refund for processing
Tip: Refunds decrease the total owed by the amount refunded. If there is no installment plan, you can re-collect the amount refunded using Fee Adjustments to increase the total owed. Learn more here:  Edit Participant Registration
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