TeamSnap Live Not Available or Working

TeamSnap Live! allows team members to chat live during an event or game and to keep scores and times for games. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to determine the issue and the steps to resolve. 

TeamSnap Live! Is not An Available Option 

TeamSnap Live! is a paid feature available only on our mobile apps and not on the website. TeamSnap Live! will show up in the app when you have a event in progress and are part of a team on one of our paid plans. 

If you are not seeing TeamSnap Live! appear for live-scoring your game or chatting with your team during a game, it could be that your team is on our Free plan. Please contact your team administrator(s) for information about what plan the team is on, and to request that the team upgrade if you'd like to take advantage of this and our  many other great paid features.
To share basic game information with those unable to attend the game, or with those cheering in the bleachers across the way, simply open Team Chat in the messages tab. You won't have the live scoring feature, but those not in attendance will love having a way to receive updates from the team!
If you do see TeamSnap Live! as an Option but it is not working as expected continue troubleshooting through the guide below.

TeamSnap Live! Score and Game Clock not Available 

If you do see TeamSnap Live! but you do not see the score and time clock options this is likely due to the way that the game was set up or the team site preferences on the manager tab. 
  • Game is set up as an Event and Not a Game on the team Schedule 
    • TeamSnap Live! scorekeeping and game clock will only be available for games. If the game was entered as an event on the team schedule, only chat will be available. Check with the team manager or owner to double check that the game is entered as a game and not as an event. 
  • The team Score Tracking site preferences on the Manager tab is not set up as Points for and Against 
    • TeamSnap Live! scorekeeping and game clock will only be an option if score tracking for the team is set up as points for and against. If the team is set to track scores as words, there will not be an option to enter scores in TeamSnap Live!. Check with a team administrator to verify that this is set up correctly for TeamSnap Live! to work. This setting is accessible to an administrator and can be found when logging in to TeamSnap from a web browser by going to Manager > Site Prefs > Edit > Score Tracking :  Track scores as points for and against

Unable to load TeamSnap Live! 

  • You must have the latest version of the mobile app installed on your device as well as a strong internet connection. Check your TeamSnap version and connection. Try uninstalling and reinstalling TeamSnap. 
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