Former Member Receiving Schedule Reminders

No Longer on the team but getting schedule updates?

When a former roster member is still receiving event reminders but they do not appear on the roster it's likely they are still subscribed to the team's schedule through their personal calendar, resulting in their calendar continuing to sync and send reminders for the team's current schedule. To fix this, they need to unsubscribe from the team schedule.

If you are a team admin attempting to resolve this for a former roster member, you can opt to have the calendar link for your entire team reset. This may be a good way to go if you have several former team members with this issue, or if you'd like to ensure that only current members have access to the current schedule links. There is not a way to reset a single member's link to the team schedule since there is just one link to the schedule for the entire team. Breaking the team link requires that all current members resubscribe to the team's calendar. To break the team's link, contact TeamSnap support with the name of the team.

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