Assign Member or Player to Multiple Teams

Have a member that needs to be rostered on two or more teams or a manager or coach that oversees multiple teams? To belong to multiple teams they will need to have a separate roster profile created for each team or function they need to belong to. 

Great News! We’ve heard from you and your desire to have the ability to easily add someone to multiple teams! We have been working on this feature and have a Members Beta ready to go. It enables easily adding members to additional teams or divisions by copying their information to a new profile, and automatically inviting and rostering them to their new team! Interested in getting your organization added to the Beta? Check out the Managing Organization Members article to learn more, then contact our awesome support team and let them know you’d like to be included in the Beta rollout to try it out and offer additional feedback!
  1. Click the Directory tab 
  2. Click the +New Member button
  3. Enter the name, email, and anything else you want in their profile
    1. Select the non-player or manager access checkbox as appropriate
  4. Click Save 
  5. Assign the new profile to the 2nd team they need to belong to     
  6. Navigate to the team roster 
  7. Click the Invite to Join button for that roster profile
  8. Repeat as needed

If you are looking for an alternative to manually adding and inviting the separate profiles, check out the Import Players from Another Sports Organization Team option. 

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