Why can't I add more roster members?

The roster limit for a team depends on the plan selected for the team. If you are unable to add roster members it is likely that the team has reached its roster size limit. For a comparison of plans and the roster limits associated with each, visit our Plans and Pricing page. 

Do non-players count towards the roster limit?

Yes, all members including both players and non-players added to the roster count toward the total roster member count.

How can I fix this so that members can be added? 

If you are attempting to add additional members and you receive the "Roster Limit Reached" message, this means that you will need to either pare down your existing roster in order to add new members or have the team owner upgrade to a higher level plan with a higher roster limit. 

How can I add more members on the free trial?

If you need more members during your Trial, you can add more without being billed until your Trial expires.  Upgrade your team to a plan that covers the roster count needed; you will not be billed until your 21-Day Trial expires. There is no obligation to pay if you cancel before your trial expires. You will be notified via email before your Trial expires and you are billed for the paid plan.

To upgrade your account, log in through the Web browser version of TeamSnap (not the app) and go to Account> Billing & Plans> Change or Update this Card> Enter your card information> Save the settings.

Then click the Change Plan button to select the plan needed to accommodate your Roster size. 

Note: The plan will not bill until your Free Trial expires, but you will have immediate access to all of the features on the paid plan that you choose.
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