Team Invited to Join a Club or League

You are the proud owner of an independent team account in TeamSnap. You have selected your monthly or annual plan, set up your rosters and your schedules, and then one day, you get an invitation from your local sports organization: They’ve set up a Club & League account with TeamSnap, and your team is invited to transfer in under their league umbrella. Congratulations! Before you say ‘yes,’ maybe you have some questions. What does it mean for a team to be transferred in under a club or league umbrella?

Who pays the bills?

Club & League plans are a great way for a group of teams to save on team features. The sports organization can choose one plan (Free, Basic, Premium, or Ultra) for all of the teams under their umbrella. All teams are placed on the same plan and paid for as part of the league’s annual plan fees to TeamSnap. When an independent team joins a club or league, their account details will change to show that this team is now on a “TeamLink League Billing Plan,” indicating that this team’s plan is being paid for by a club or league.

How will my team change?

When your team joins a league, it is possible that nothing will visibly or functionally change at the team level. None of your team data (rosters, messages, pictures, schedules etc.) will be deleted as a result of joining a club or league. The team will be placed on the plan that the sports organization has selected, and if that plan is lower than the independent plan the team was on, some features may no longer be available. In the same way, if the organization has chosen a higher plan for their teams, transferring in under the umbrella could add new features that your team didn’t have before.

How much control does the club or league have over teams?

Club and league admin, known as commissioners, have ultimate control over all teams under their umbrella. How they implement or exert that control is up to the sports organization. Some organizations prefer to be highly involved in the management of the teams under their umbrella. Some organizations leave it to the team-level admin to continue to run the teams themselves. It’s up to the sports organization how much control they will be exerting over their teams’ features and data, and who will responsible for creating rosters, taking payments, creating schedules etc. 

That said, paying the bills does come with its privileges! When a team joins a club or league, there are a few decisions that immediately fall exclusively to the organization commissioners:

  • Only the organization can choose the plan for their teams.
  • A team must have organization authorization to leave the club or league.
  • Only a commissioner can delete a club or league team.
  • Only a commissioner can change the team owner. 

TeamSnap provides organization and communication tools for you, your team members, and your sports organization. How you and your sports organization use them is up to you. If you aren’t sure how involved your club or league intends to be, now is a great time to ask! And when the time comes to finalize transferring your team in under the league umbrella, your support team is ready and eager to help. We'll look forward to hearing from you!

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