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Page Builder WordPress Widgets

Configure WordPress Widgets

  1. Add new widgets from the Available Widgets section by dragging them to the Sidebar you want to customize. (There might be more than one sidebar option, depending on your theme.)
  2. Preview your site and you should see the content from your new Widget.
  3. Return to the Widgets Screen to continue adding Widgets to the Sidebar as needed.
  4. To arrange the Widgets within the Sidebar, click, drag and drop the widgets in the order you want.
  5. To customize the Widget features, click the down arrow (or edit link) in the upper right corner to expand the Widget's interface.
  6. To save the Widget's customization, click Save. (If simply moving a widget to the sidebar without making customizations, you do not need to click the Save button.)
  7. Preview your site again, and all of your changes should be visible.
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