TeamSnap Module is Not Populating Information

If you have added a TeamSnap module to a page in your site, but the module is not displaying any of the expected information, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. 

  1. Ensure that website access is turned on in your TeamSnap account site
    1. Log into TeamSnap
    2. Enter your organization site
    3. Click the Settings tab
    4. Click Site Prefs
    5. Click Edit
    6. Select the checkbox for Enable public website access
    7. Click Save
  2. Make sure the module has been configured
    1. Log into your Website Builder site
    2. Click the site name in the top bar to go to your site
    3. Navigate to the page with the module in question
    4. Click the Page Builder button 
    5. Hover over the module's top left corner and click the wrench icon that appears
    6. Select desired options in the available dropdowns and field settings under the General tab
    7. Click Save 
    8. Click Done at the top right corner of your site
    9. Click Publish Changes

After trying each of the steps above, double check to see that your module is correctly populating data as expected.

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