What is TeamSnap Tournaments?

Here at TeamSnap, we are all about providing solutions for your tournament management needs. You might already be familiar with TeamSnap, so we'd love to familiarize you with our Tournaments solution. Register teams, schedule games and send real-time updates in a snap. TeamSnap Tournaments takes care of all the details for your event or league — so you can keep your eye on the ball.

TeamSnap’s tournament app works with thousands of programs like yours to save time and headaches and we’d love to discuss how we can help you do the same. Select a time that fits into your schedule here and we will gladly reach out.

What is it?

The tournament solution is a one-stop shop for organizations who run tournaments year round or once a year. Whether you need online registration, or to set-up and manage your schedule, we’ve got you covered.

What does it do?

The tournament solution saves administrators time. Build a registration process that’s tailor-made for your tournament. And make sure that game day is conflict-free. TeamSnap Tournaments helps you manage team or venue conflicts and blackout dates, coaches who coach multiple teams, and travel times and distances.

Everything is organized in one place, and it’s guaranteed to keep your teams, coaches, and all tournament followers happy.

Can I communicate with my entire tournament?

Oh yeah. You can easily send one email to every player and every coach on every team in your tournamet—even from your mobile device—with just a few clicks.

Is there a way to manage game officials?

Absolutely! Take the legwork and guesswork out of managing officials with one easy-to-use, time-saving tool. Never wonder who’s officiating — assign officials or relax and let them self-assign.

What about the Website Builder?

Our sites look great, are easy to use, and run on WordPress. Read more about Website Builder here.

This sounds awesome! Where do I sign up?

Just click here to schedule time to find out more about the TeamSnap Tournaments solution and pricing.

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