Accidentally Entered Score for Game that has Not Been Played

If you are a team administrator and a score has been accidentally entered for a game that hasn't taken place yet, follow the steps below to remove the result from the Schedule. 

  1. Head to the Schedule tab of the team 
  2. Use the Edit option to open the Edit Game screen
  3. Temporarily update the game date on the schedule to today or a date in the past and Save 
  4. Return to Edit option to open the Edit Game screen
  5. Delete the Score Entry to set this back to blank and Save
  6. Return to Edit option to open the Edit Game screen
  7. Change the date of the game back to the correct future date and Save 
Note: When making a quick update to the schedule for this purpose we recommend not checking the box to Notify the Team as this could create confusion for the team. 
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