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Enable SMS Message Alerts (aka Disable Push Notifications)

This article applied to teams on paid TeamSnap plans.Teams on Free plans do not have the Mobile Alerts feature included in their plan.

Receiving text messages instead of push notifications when an alert is sent requires turning off push notifications. To do this, the user must disable push notifications and enable their mobile number for text alerts on their roster profile. 

Keep in mind that if you choose to disable push notifications, it will disable ALL push notifications, not just alert messages.

Push notifications are sent out for the following features:

  • Addition of a new Event/Game (when the manager has “notify team” on)
  • Updated Event/Game (when the manager has “notify team” on)
  • Availability Reminders (when the manager sends out an Availability reminder to the team)
  • Score Updates
  • Alerts created through the Messages tab
Note: Our SMS/text functionality is currently a true one-way SMS system. TeamSnap texts cannot accept direct replies. The number of the ‘sender’ is included at the end of the text.  Please use this number to generate a direct text for replies.
  1. Disable push notifications on your mobile device
    1. iOS
      1. Open the TeamSnap app
      2. Tap the team name
      3. Tap Menu
      4. Tap My Preferences
      5. Toggle the Alerts and Schedule Updates switch off
    2. Android
      1. Open TeamSnap app
      2. Tap the team name
      3. Tap the menu icon (far right)
      4. Tap Notification Preferences
      5. Toggle the Alerts and Schedule Updates switch off
      6. Tap the Done check mark
  2. Enable your mobile number on the roster
    1. Log into TeamSnap.com. (This has to be updating using the web app).
    2. Click team
    3. Click Roster tab
    4. Click member name
    5. Add your phone number
    6. Check the box "Team alerts sent via SMS"
    7. Click Save

After these settings have been adjusted, you will receive SMS/Text messages when alert messages are sent for the team.

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