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Create Video Highlights in TeamSnap Live

TeamSnap and Fantag have teamed up to bring video highlights to TeamSnap Live! Make sure you have the latest TeamSnap app for iOS or Android installed. Then follow these steps to get in on the action!

  1. Open your TeamSnap mobile app
  2. Tap on a live event 
  3. Tap the video icon
    1. First time using the integration? Tap Get started with Fantag and follow the prompts to download the Fantag app and allow access to your camera, microphone, and location. The next time you tap the camera icon you’ll be taken directly to the video recording screens.
  4. Rotate your device and tap the record button to start recording
    1. The first time you open the Fantag integration you will need to tap the X in the blue box at the bottom to dismiss the video instructions overlay
  5. Tap the Fantag button any time during recording to capture and post a clip of the last 15-seconds to TeamSnap Live
    1. Team members will receive a push notification just like they would any other TeamSnap Live message
  6. Tap the recording button to stop recording
  7. Tap the back arrow in the top left of the screen to return to TeamSnap Live
  8. You'll be returned to the TeamSnap Live screen where you can view the video highlights that were posted
  9. Optional: Open the Fantag app to access your highlights
    1. Tap My Highlights
    2. Select a highlight
    3. You can then view, share, and/or download the selected highlight
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