Fundraise with FlipGive and TeamSnap

TeamSnap and FlipGive have teamed up to bring your group an easy fundraising option. 

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Set Up TeamSnap and FlipGive

  1. Click here
  2. Click the Get Started Now! button 
  3. Click Connect
  4. Log into your TeamSnap account
    1. If it's your first time connecting to FlipGive, click Authorize
  5. If you have a single TeamSnap team, a FlipGive page is automatically created and you will be taken to your page
    1. If you have multiple TeamSnap teams, you'll need to select the team you'd like to link to FlipGive. Once selected, your page will be created.
  6. Click the Members tab on your FlipGive page
  7. Click Invite Teammates
  8. If you click the TeamSnap option, click Connect to TeamSnap
    1. This option will allow you to give FlipGive access to your TeamSnap team rosters.
  9. Select the team from your list of TeamSnap teams that you'd like to select teammates from the roster for and click Continue
    1. Optional: Click the X next to a member to remove them from the FlipGive invitation recipients
    2. Optional: Uncheck the box to send join reminder emails to invitation recipients
  10. Click Send Email

You're all set! Once teammates start joining you are ready to start fundraising! Log into FlipGive here to manage your fundraising team. 

Need help with FlipGive? Get it at

Ask for Donations on FlipGive

Team members can help the team earn money by getting cash back when shopping through FlipGive. You can also ask for direct donations using FlipGive - here's how to do that on the web. On mobile? Read more here: Collecting Donations in FlipGive

  1. Log into FlipGive
  2. Click the More tab
  3. Click Ask for Donations 
  4. Select an option for sharing or copy the share URL
  5. Share the url with potential donors!
  6. Once clicked, your donors will be taken to a screen with the option to donate directly or shop online to earn cash back for the team